18 January 2009


For the fashion pack, this is boring. Just close the tab now.

For anybody that is left, I am commencing my dream:
Haven't you always wanted a little jewel-encrusted diary that you can write every meagre detail of your life in? Well so have I, but unfortunately - after numerous searches on Etsy - I have found no such grail. But I have come up with another soon-to-be-neglected idea (just like my pinboard). I have made another blog just for this reason. I want to write about my life as if it were a 1st person novel. And now I can. (If you really care, click here)

So here's the deal. Today I have started one of my all time fantasies, and you should as well. Get a dog or learn how to play the piano, or take up sign language! This is my little revolution. Who follows New Year's resolutions anyway?! So I will continue with this, along with all my other crazy stuff for 2009 (learning to play the piano, guitar, keeping up these blogs, getting straight A*s in GCSE, regularly updating my board, learning how to crochet a bit better, making a dress per holiday, reading all of my books..... the list goes on) and I hope you can be as optimistic as I am!

It wasn't really working out. But don't fret, it is still alive. I decided instead to make it into a novel. Dull Musings - The Love Story. So it is a day-to-day book done in diary format. I love it. I am obcessed. You'd love it, read it!

17 January 2009

Ten Top Nude Nails

Top Ten Nude Nail Polishes

10. Paul and Joe Nail Enamel in Sugar Pink
9. Pop Nail Glam in O'Boy
8. Nails Inc in Elizabeth St
7. Jessica's Custom Nail Colour in Cherub Pink
6. OPI Nail Lacquer in Passion
5. Zoya Nail Polish in Ella
4. Essie Nail Polish in Angel Food
3. Barry M Nail Paint in French Polish
2. Ciaté Paint Pots in Couture
1. Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Opaque Pink

For Long-Lasting wear I use the Barry M. The Zoya and the OPI have fantastic colour. The Ciaté has a great creamy texture. But overall the Rescue Beauty Lounge had to come top: it is easy to apply, and the colour is so complimenting. Honestly, I recommend them all.

P.S. Do you like the new monochromic style?

Things Everyone Needs


Gossard's Satin Bra is now one of my all time favourite bra's. At the moment I only have the pink one, but the white and navy are appealing too. It's also just a very good bra. Nice fit, nice look, nice size, nice price...
2009's indulgence food is French Toast. Its the adults' eggy bread. Plus: it is french, is that a good enough excuse for the calories? I hope so because once you've tried it you just can't go back.
Alex and Chloe's Acrylic Necklace was very high up the birthday list last year. I have the silver mirrored one, with little etched detailing. Although my friend K is still trying to convince me that people at her school can make them in DT, I still think they're worth buying. And Alex and Chloe have loads of other awesome jewels too.
Although Dove Pro Age Body Lotion is meant for geriatrics, it's honestly good. Bare with me: it is made for shriveled up old people, so they make it really moisurous to un-shrivel them, but for young people it is just extra moisturous and so luxurious! For the record, this wasn't a theory that I was out to test, I ran out of normal body lotion one day and was forced to borrow my mum's!
Kent Tail Comb is fantastic for all of us curly-haired folk. It's great for in the bath to comb through with conditioner and get all of those nasty knots out. And it sorts out partings. And it just looks so classy and professional.
I haven't taken of my Fruit of the Loom Man T since I got it from Amazon. And I'm serious. It's rather disgusting. I'm even wearing it now. On lookbook.nu I found this girl from Vienna, and fell in love with her style. This picture convinced me to go FruitoftheLoom-ing. I bought that sweater and then thought I might as well buy the plain top too, after all, it was only £2. And now I can't take it off. I wear it for lounging, for sleeping in, under shirts, the only time it takes a break is at school (stupid v-neck jumpers...). But I majorly recommend buying one, or two, or more. I think I need some more too, maybe the royal blue and the white. yeah. them.
Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious shampoo, conditioner and curling creme have got the better of me. As I mentioned in a previous post I received the creme for Christmas, it was so good that the other products just had to be bought. The downside is that each of them were £16. The upside is that you only need to use a fraction of the amount. However, they do make the most perfect of all ringlets. My little hair secret.

Wow I write a surprisingly large amount - considering how I'm failing English - and how they all seem to just fit together like they belong as a set... These are all things that I have and use unsparingly. I would suggest all of them. Especially the french toast. I want some now. Actually scrap that. Don't try the french toast, you'll get hooked and balloon like I am. But that sweet caramalised sugar is just TDF (to die for). And now I need to sleep, because I have to wake up in 3 hours. I hope the trio of posts today will make up for the lack of posts in the coming days. I apologise in advance. Je suis désolé

16 January 2009

What I'm Loving this Week

I was contemplating giving up with this whole blog thing, because the stuff that I care about (fashion) takes a long time to do. Seriously. It takes hours. I could do like stuff like this, with cute pictures, but it feels like it's not really me. And then I had an epiphany: I can just do stuff like this - it's very quick - and just screw the fashion. There isn't enough time, if I have an urge to again, I will add another blog. But for now, I'm ill, and this is what I'm loving this week:

This ring. I have eternally been looking for a cute vintage ring. This one is slightly out of the price range, but it's nice to blog about. 14k gold with a huge jade stone and circled diamonds. I was hoping more for a rectangular-amethyst-type-thing but this is still breathtaking. Imagine that on your ring finger. Grandma would be pleased.
These feathers. They're so exotic and mouthwatering. They remind me of the parrot in Pirates of the Caribbean, and that lovely lady named 'Sunshine' who braided my hair on the outstretched beach in Antigua when I was 7. Despite their hue, they just seem so naturally beautiful.

This is so cool. A one dollar camera. who would have thought? Well technically it doesn't cost one dollar, as it is made of several and strictly speaking it doesn't function as a camera, but it sure looks like one! Surely the person who makes these could be a millionaire (well he would spend all his money on origami, but still) from this talent. I would give him money to make it look like that.

Layer Cake Shop

The Layer Cake Shop is so cute! they have cupcake decorations, and little crafty things. If I lived in the US, they would have no stock left. It would be so nice just to make pretty cupcakes all day!

Oh yes. More origami. This is such an adorable blog with such a simple concept. I can't believe I haven't thought of it before! Just click the pic and you will understand. I had an idea. It is called 'I hate you more than ....' don't you think it could catch on?

This is Laura Lobdell's Free Bird Collection. 'inspired by a free-spirit who plays with matches, knows Rome and eats candy'. They are all handmade in New York so have that special, personal quality, and come in sterling silver and gold. This macaroni necklace instantly appealed to me. There is also a double macaroni necklace, so I could get one gold matte, and one silver polished! The other items are gorgeous too: keys, match sticks, cigarette butts. And another favourite of mine, the candy bracelet and necklace, made from silver and copper beads, just like the ones I used to get in Paddington station (apart from they were more edible, and slightly less expensive).

I take back what I said earlier. That took a long time to write. Anyway if you need something else to do how about read a book. I suggest The Pact by Jodi Picoult, I had read some of her books a long time ago, and this morning I saw this untouched copy on my shelf. Picoult is an ingenious writer of crime dramas, they're fantastic.

I found out something truly horrible yesterday. I only read for knowledge. Not for pleasure (well I do get pleasure from reading. but that is only from the obtained knowledge). Isn't that sad? But the yearning (<--- word of the day) need for knowledge is just too overpowering, so I am now an even more loserish bookworm-nerd who lies in bed all day reading. all day. reading. and then a little bit of blogging. and more reading.

Self Service


10 January 2009

At the Ritz

Throughout making this set, it changed themes a number of times; first folk, then jazz, then smart, but I think I finally settled on a 'middle ground' so to speak. The title came from the song 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square', which is so beautiful, it's hard to describe. Anyway these lyrics are 'There were Angles dining at the Ritz', and there is a stunning ring to Ritz; it's... illustrious yet composed. Anyway without further ado:

At the Ritz

There are just a couple of places I want to mention:
  • VisioLuxus - A great photographer, where the image in the bottom right of the picture came from. She takes some stunning photos, with fantastic light. Take a look at the icicles. wow.

  • Norwegian Wood - I found this on a random post at Style Bubble, and simply had to share. Here is what it says their 'Every single item is handmade by me in my studio/apt here in Montreal, using a mix of new and vintage fabrics and trims'. How could anyone not like that? There is an elastic harness which I am now determined to make. Always wanted a harness. They also have a blog, which I put on the list, called Headquarters

Sorry for the long-overdue post. Exams. I've been making this image for days now, and finally got around to posting it. I hope it inspires you

07 January 2009

Spring Ad Campaigns

Firstly - Chanel
I'm not sure Heidi was the right choice, she seems very introspective, and her hips are wider than her chest, which is obviously a bad point. Plus I don't like her hair, it isn't Chanel-esq, more motherly than luxe. I will admit that the Resort Collection went well with her. But Coco wouldn't be proud. Aside from that though, I love this pic (the clothes at least...). The bag is adorable, the boots are Ascot-worthy, the morning jacket is chic and the tights are a great step away from the two-tones we saw last season. This shoot was 'shot' by Karl Lagerfield personally in his new home in Vermont. All in all I like the collection, not the ads, but everyone else seems to, so I'm sure they'll make a healthy profit.

Secondly - Miu Miu
Katie Homes has been confirmed as the spokesmodel of the Spring 09 ad campaingn, Following in the footsteps of Vanessa Paradis, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, and Lindsay Lohan (chunky list). Anyway Miu Miu is one of my forever-favourite designers, lets hope she doesn't disappoint. But I would also like to say that Taylor Momsen, the good-girl-gone-bad gossip girl (who is a month younger than me. grr) was also tipped for the position. I'm glad Homes got it!

Thirdly - Gucci
Who doesn't ADORE Gucci? I love these spreads, just so exotic and fresh. It feels like it has really momentum. It's like they're all exuisitely dressed foreigners, that don't understand a word of language. But nobody talks because everyone is stunned by their beauty.

It's about time I get some rest, night night

But first let me inform you of breaking news in the Twilight section - Camilla Belle (Evolet from 10,000BC: amazing movie btw), Brenda Song, Vanessa Ann Hudgens.. they have all been considered for the part of Leah the werewolf in New Moon. I want an audition! And apparently Ms Belle has been intimate with RPattz in the past, it will be interesting to see how that pans out. Oh and Rob has also backed out of 'Parts Per Billion'. Damn. Another missed opportunity to see him with his shirt off...

05 January 2009

Pandora's Box

Have you opened your Pandora's Box? What's in it?
This random guy who added me on facebook posted his website so many times I thought I'd check it out. Apparently he's a photographer, but this is like the only picture up. And I love it! Put some more up! Or take some more!
I'll check back soon here

04 January 2009

Copy Kate

topshop has stolen my dress

It's just been taken off the website because it sold out in the sale, but I would like to let you in on the truth (or what I fantasise is the truth). In the summer I had a cocktail party for my birthday, and I made a dress for it. A beautiful tiered black satin mini with a tulle ruffle hem. And I was so chuffed with it that I wrote a letter to Topshop in August detailing my suggestion, with this very picture. I didn't honestly expect to hear back from them; it was just a whim. But sat in bed on Boxing day browsing through the sales online, I found this dress supposedly 'designed' by Kate Moss. What are the chances that they would think of a V-shaped ruffle hem too?

I then sent them an email. They replied that I had to send it to another email address, so I did. They replied saying I would have so send it to head office. My last letter I wrote to Topshop didn't have the impact it should have, so I gave up thinking that they're not too similar. But it is an odd coincidence, isn't it? If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear an objective opinion

03 January 2009

Things to Do This Month

I was thinking of making this monthly, like 'what do we have to look forward to?'. I know it's a tad late, but better late that never right!

January is going to be good

  • (21th January - 17th May) Hussein Chalayan's Exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Showing his best work since 1994, Chalayan is possibly the most innovative and creative designer of the last decade, just look right. He has encorporated airoplane parts, wood, LED lights, condensed chiffon, even balloons! I'm not planning to miss this one.
  • (17th - 20th January) Milan Mens Fashion Week. Finally the fashion weeks are back, it's hard to blog when there arn't any shows on, even if it is mens! I'm oddly exited about Etro. A friend of mine mensioned how much he liked them a while ago - when I didn't know much about them - but am now transformed. Etro just has a natural, casual and effortless sense, whilst being intricate and stylish. I need to stick them on my board.
  • (9th January - 1st February) 'Corpus Collosum' Exhibition by David Bettie and Karl Burke in London. Here is the low-down on their work, "their lo-fi sculptures and installations are material meditations on the phenomena we take for granted". Can you pronounce w-o-w? Plus, it's a free entry.
  • (18th - 20th January) Project New York. It's a bit far away, but I can admire from over here. The Project is more of a couture denim show, a very classy street style if you wish. I just came across it and it seems like an interesting event hosted by Atrium.

Yep. This will definitely become a monthly issue. I would add more, but not much happens in 30 days. Oh wait, I have one more:

  • (9th January) Core 1 Maths Exam. Joy. What even ARE bonomial expassions? I really should stop bloging and start working... Good Luck to any of you who have exams in the coming weeks, but for now I bid you adieu

02 January 2009

A Reason for Sleep

I have been searching for something like this for a while... Dylan's Candy Bar - one of my favourite sweetie retreats - makes cute little shorts! At the moment I have a monochromic-rosy-damask-looking pair of pyjama bottoms. I don't even wear them to bed. Much too comfortable for that. They get worn on when I'm ill, and constantly in the holidays. But these are just adorable. They would not be taken off. I might need two. Maybe they would help me get to sleep, all this herbal crap doesn't work and even Night Nurse won't do the trick, but Candy Shorts might work!

Yeah my sleeping patterns have been rather off: not getting to sleep until 5am every morning, but New Year's Eve I didn't get to sleep until 11am; slept all day yesterday, and last night, and somehow I'm still shattered today (I fell asleep doing my work on the dining table, maybe maths wasn't the right thing to wake me up). But the velvet dress went down well!

I have a NEW new year's resolution: Be who you want to be. More specifically I want to wear more distinctive clothes, obtain laughter lines, go to more galleries and fashion shows, buy a pair of designer heels, and some more roller-blades, spend less time wasting time and finally, get 10 A*s at GCSE.

It's excruciatingly annoying to know that nobody cares. I mean - why would anybody? I know nobody looks at personal diary-esqe blogs that are just like 'today we went to the zoo, and I had an epiphany' because I don't. I would talk more about fashion, but it's very hard to stop talking about yourself and your own problems and get down to business, to be perfectly blunt. Seriously try blogging completely content-related stuff. I failed miserably. As you can see.

Can you tell me what you prefer? Slightly personal posts, or just objective stuff? I think I'm going to make a poll for the sidebar, bare with me.

Sorry for that emotional outburst. I won't do it again. Unless you want me to :P