22 February 2009



So I'm back from medival Cornwall, with no carpets, no kitchen and no hot water. And I have been presented with a gift from the heavens! My darling interior designer mother sold £40,000 worth of furniture from Harrods last year, and there is a rewards scheme - I have been granted £200 to spend in Harrods! What should I spend it on? Right now I'm feeling these sunglasses and this dress. T'aime?

18 February 2009

Black Pop in NYC

Black with Splashes

(all F/W 09, left to right) DKNY, Adam, Narciso Rodriguez, Tibi, Max Azria

Gorgeous right? A great way to refrest an old LBD at Adam. Anywho I'm off for another 4 days to a seaside wreakage with one bathroom and no kitchen; at least the surf is good! I'm also missing the demi-bf, not really him, but just talking to him, we haven't spoken since school let out :(

Temperley London F/W 09

I just love this dress from the new Temperley RTW collection. There is no need for accessories, the halter necklace is enough. It has lovely rich egyptian influences and the white is so fresh and flowing. Well done Alice.

13 February 2009

Mystery Jets

This guy is such a legend. I went to a Mystery Jets gig last night. It was awesome. Especially this guy, Blaine Harrison. He may have spina bifida; but he has amazing hair, rhythm, skills, voice, fashion sense... the list could go on.

Doesn't this top remind you of Chanel? Everything was plastered in sequins - even the drum kit. Pretty impressive. Anyway I'm loving this top. It has a kind of masc/fem feel (that's my code for on a boy it looks girly and on a girl it looks boyish) which I totally love. So Indie. So Mystery Jets.

That was 'Half In Love With Elizabeth', my favourite song. But I just had to mention Big Jeff, who goes to every gig in Bristol, and does not stop dancing in the front row. He even got a shoutout. Here's to you, Big Jeff

11 February 2009

The Brick Man

Oddly inspired by A Cup Of Jo (who published an article about Christoph Niemann and NYC lego) I decided randomly to google 'lego' and came across a passionate legoer Nathan Sawaya. Who would ever think of making sculptures out of lego? This bloke did


Just on The Satorialist browsing through the looks (as you do...). And saw this. I love it. Lets start at the top:
  • The hat. Gentleman-like, beautiful shape, and black. We love black. Always.
  • Plugs. Two is a bit much (But admittedly I did have one once. Nothing can beat the tunnel)
  • Shirt. So Dolce&Gabanna. I love the retro stripes and the contrasting collar, and it having been done up looks really classy.
  • Blazer. More contrast colour. Wool mix is essential for winter and this slate is the perfect match
  • The Belt. Woven belts are the official new fantasy. And this is so fresh. It's one of those really sexy items that looks great with everything. And it also goes perfectly with -¬
  • Chinos. Rolled up. A great way to refresh those jodphurs from last year. Loose fit and classic tailoring
  • Shoes. Italian. Mmmmm
    • 08 February 2009

      Galliano Beauty

      Have you ever wandered what you would look like with Circus makeup?
      Well why don't you have a try? I have painstakingly photoshopped for hours to create this image (ok, I stole the face off Urban Decay, but I layered it all and put on all the makeup and now I can basically pick and chose my look for the day. It's really cool. If you have Paintshop Pro, I can send it to you) et j'espere que tu l'aime:

      John Galliano SS09


      1. Mac Cream Colour Base in Shell - applied all over face adds subtle shimmer
      2. Mac Mineralize Blush in Gentle
      3. Illamasqua Lipstick in Growl
      4. Benefit Gilded Eye Liner - can be used as highlighter aswell
      5. POP Golden Sparkle Sauce - used as eyeshadow primer, also gives a golden shimmer
      6. Barry M Dazzle Dust in Burnt Orange - when combined with Sparkle Sauce, it makes an eyeliner gel
      7. Barry M Dazzle Dust in Grass - best applied using fingers, it gives a smoother effect
      8. Star Gazer False Lashes in n.18 - one set on lid and another under eyes
      I chose not to include the eyebrows, they were just a bit too Galliano!

      P.S. *YEY* I finally got the silly title thing to go under the words after weeks of angst and a couple of hours of coding. I'm never going to get to sleep now...

      Park & Cube

      *Inspired* by Park & Cube, a simply gorgeous site hosted by Shini, a graphic design student at CSM. It has some gorgeous DIY projects, like these Alexander Wang Shorts:

      This idea will definitely be pursued. She also DIY'ed those Rodarte diamoned-shredded leggings which I completed yesturday. They looked so cool! I think I will lookbook them. This one is on the blog list for sure.

      07 February 2009

      Two Things

      As you may be able to tell from the title, there are two things I would like to mention. Infact, that is wrong. I would actually like to mention three things (but only two of them have pictures!)

      1) Onyx Necklace

      If you knew me way too well, you would know I have a weakness for onyx. It's deep and mysterious and utterly beautiful. This is what I've fallen for. Pointy and multi-faced, it is a lushious treasure. If I ever bought this, she would replace the ionised-silver star as the never-taken-off necklace. At £115 she is reasonably reasonable, but not attainable until birthday-time in the summer. She will go on my permanent circa-£100 wish list along with item #2 (you may have noticed I have refered to this necklace as 'she', this is because she deserves more than an 'it', she is more worthy of life than most humans)

      2) Paul Smith Sunglasses T-Shirt

      I found this in a real shop (that doesn't happen often usually it's online). And because of the flaws of non-internet shopping, I have failed to find a picture of it, so we will have to suffice with my description and similar examples:

      Paul Smith T-Shirts

      These are no where near as beautiful as the one I found. It was tan-coloured (like naturally olive-skinned people when they haven't been in the sunlight for a long time) with dark brown glasses with lilac lenses. The design wasn't terribly impressive (although the print made them look like real sunnies) but it was the style. I picked up one in a size 10 (I'm an 8) and it had such a nice drape - so casual, but it could easily be worn out with high-waisted bubble skirts and heels and look the part. Very versitile. And at £79 it seems very expensive, but like one of those 'forever' pieces the price doesn't matter. This is on the list.

      3) Lily Allen's Album 'It's Not Me, It's You'

      When my semi-boyfriend mentioned that this was going to be good I was shell-shocked. She's annoying as f**k, but when I had nothing better to do this evening I downloaded the only song that he could get his hands on. And it was amazing. So I found the torrent for them all! Even though she says some touchy things about giving head, terrorism, drugs and people dying in diamond mines, it is altogether very addictive. It's been on loop and now I've heard each song 5 times. At the mo in England it isn't out. You have to wait till monday. But I thought I would be kind and put them up on the web for my semi-boyfriend. So if you want songs off the new Lily Allen Album, click here. Please bear in mind that I made this for my semi-boyfriend, so it has messages to him, but you really do need this stuff too. Especially 'Back To The Start' and 'Everyone's At It'.

      06 February 2009


      Whoooo! Finally I have a lookbook page. Lookbook.nu is a fashion inspiration site where you can post looks and get ideas. I love it. Malhereusement pour vous, it's invite only, but don't fret! I can invite you if you have style (not trying to be snobby, but those are kinda the rules :P) But here is my first look:

      look 1


      I've been trying to ignore my guilt over the blog neglect... but its come back. Plus now my art trip is cancelled and I have a morning of nothing to do but wait for the snow to stop so I can go to school and play in it.
      But it will be revived. and I'm going to redo the layout (I can't help it!) and also I've joined lookbook.nu so that will need an update.