09 March 2009

Belle, Lacroix & Chalayan

I've basically given up with this site for Pour Etre Belle, but if you have any brains you better check out Christian Lacroix's sexy detailing and the Samlem-esqe beauty at Hussein Chalayan.

05 March 2009

Pour être Belle

C'est mon nouveau site!
Pour Etre Belle
It's easy to manage and quick to post on. It's just pictures, feelings, quotes, poems, music...
Oh and you may have realised how spacked up the layout is at the moment. You see I was making my new blog and got fed up with what I was trying to do so I reverted the style back to minima classic. And then I realised I did it on the wrong blog!! And this is the most recent layout I have for this blog (it was back in december hehe). Anywhoo I think I'm just going to give up with this blog and direct all my www.thetacitbeauty.com traffic straight to my new blog.
Bye Bye Tacit Beauty :'C

04 March 2009

Hello Kitty

Sorry for the negligence... I really need to work on that. It's just been so hectic: my cousin got expelled, exams ect.
But here is something beautiful.
The MAC Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Set in Lucky Tom. I love the morrocan colours.
The anticipated collection does not dissapoint. Click here to see the rest of the mild collection, and here for the wild. There is also a collection of accessories, this little makeup bag has my vote!