08 February 2009

Galliano Beauty

Have you ever wandered what you would look like with Circus makeup?
Well why don't you have a try? I have painstakingly photoshopped for hours to create this image (ok, I stole the face off Urban Decay, but I layered it all and put on all the makeup and now I can basically pick and chose my look for the day. It's really cool. If you have Paintshop Pro, I can send it to you) et j'espere que tu l'aime:

John Galliano SS09


  1. Mac Cream Colour Base in Shell - applied all over face adds subtle shimmer
  2. Mac Mineralize Blush in Gentle
  3. Illamasqua Lipstick in Growl
  4. Benefit Gilded Eye Liner - can be used as highlighter aswell
  5. POP Golden Sparkle Sauce - used as eyeshadow primer, also gives a golden shimmer
  6. Barry M Dazzle Dust in Burnt Orange - when combined with Sparkle Sauce, it makes an eyeliner gel
  7. Barry M Dazzle Dust in Grass - best applied using fingers, it gives a smoother effect
  8. Star Gazer False Lashes in n.18 - one set on lid and another under eyes
I chose not to include the eyebrows, they were just a bit too Galliano!

P.S. *YEY* I finally got the silly title thing to go under the words after weeks of angst and a couple of hours of coding. I'm never going to get to sleep now...

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