13 February 2009

Mystery Jets

This guy is such a legend. I went to a Mystery Jets gig last night. It was awesome. Especially this guy, Blaine Harrison. He may have spina bifida; but he has amazing hair, rhythm, skills, voice, fashion sense... the list could go on.

Doesn't this top remind you of Chanel? Everything was plastered in sequins - even the drum kit. Pretty impressive. Anyway I'm loving this top. It has a kind of masc/fem feel (that's my code for on a boy it looks girly and on a girl it looks boyish) which I totally love. So Indie. So Mystery Jets.

That was 'Half In Love With Elizabeth', my favourite song. But I just had to mention Big Jeff, who goes to every gig in Bristol, and does not stop dancing in the front row. He even got a shoutout. Here's to you, Big Jeff

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