02 December 2008

Derren Brown - The Man Behind The Mask

Very confused. I have had a minor obsession with Derren Brown for the last couple of months and only now do I find out about his sexuality.

On the 21st of April Derren published a very public article in the Sun where he came out, explaining that he's 'been with [his] partner for a year – and it’s perfect'. It could be the saddest news I have heard all year: Until I came across this:

This image (courtesy of whatsinstage.com) reads 'Derren Brown and partner Vicky' was released on the 12th Feb. And being a mathematical genius I can tell you that this would rather heavily overlap with his relationship with that other partner (well, unless that's him. gohd hope not)

So unless this is just a little media misapprehension, my view of him has been ruined in two ways -
1) I could NEVER pull him now [there was always a slither of possibility]
2) He's adulterous which just discards his really cute charm

However through this entire emotional experience, I have actually grown to love Derren even more. The idea of a bisexual partner is somewhat intriguing... yet not really what I'm looking for right now. especially since I'm 15 and he's 37.


  1. I do have a bit of information regarding this photograph if you are interested. It's not mind-blowing but does make one wonder what is going on. But it seems you aren't bothered by it at the moment as you like the idea of him swingin both ways lol I will check back to this thread to see if you would like me to tell you what I know.

  2. oh you do? i would love to find out what it's about, thanks Joanne

  3. Well, like I said it's not mind blowing but here goes.

    Derren came out as gay last Sept/Oct to a newspaper then this picture surface which confused everyone. The day it was put on the Whatsonstage site, the caption was "Derren Brown and Vicky X" (everyone presumed Vicky X meant they didnt know the surname of Vicky). Then a few weeks later, the caption had changed to "Derren Brown and partner". Who changed the caption? Why did they change the caption? Who made Whatsonstage change the caption? Its a bit of a mystery as to why it was changed but it was obviously changed for a reason either by Whatsonstage or by someone making Whatsonstage change it.

    You are probably thinking "is that it!" lol But it is really strange how a simple caption can change so dramatically in a short space of time.


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