21 December 2008

Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, but I'm entertaining. Anyway my company is in the shower so I thought I'd dictate our happenings of yesterday. My 'friend' and I went to see Twilight, a heavenly movie which came out on the 19th. Apart from it being an excellent plot, we were rather more exited about the talent. Oh yes, Robert Pattinson. You may know him from playing Cedric in Harry Potter. The point is he is gargantuanly hansom. Here's some eye candy:

OMG HE IS SO HOT! Aside from his looks, he is just incredibly lovable. His vampire character Edward Cullen is in love with a human; and he has to fight off his instincts to feed on her. Just everything one wants in a boyfriend (and by one I mean me). He (well his character) is sweet, and protective, and sentimental, and crazy in love. I can't wait until the next movie comes out. But that is November next year. For now I'm thinking of reading the books that they're based on by Stephenie Meyer; first is Twilight, then New Moon, Eclipse, and finally Breaking Dawn: and every minute I will be picturing Rob Patts.

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