23 December 2008


I have decided over the last few days that I should become more multi-skilled: and it starts with music. I had once played the flute, played the violin, played the guitar, played the piano; but I still sing! So, inspired by Robert Pattinson, I am composing some lovely guitar and vocal arrangements (his voice is stunning), and also learning to play the piano. In Twilight, there is a scene where Edward plays a piece on the piano to Bella, this inspiring piece was going to be in the film, but was regrettably replaced last minute.

Isn't it beautiful? Anyway I found the sheet music and so am in the process of learning it. Now I only have an old keyboard (well frankly it's very sexy, but is harshly underused) and so thought [why would anybody read this? It's just a teenager oogling over some hot actor and then making whimsical oaths. Unless... I add something they would consider worthy of respect]. So here it is, a couple of pretty pianos:


This is the stunning 'Summertime' Grand Piano from Steinway & Sons; hand painted by acclaimed artist Timothy Martin.

Oto no Kawa

Another Steinway & Sons grand, 'Oto no Kawa' meaning 'River of Sound' created by Japanese artist Chiharu Nishizawa.

And finally the classic. This is the Bluthner Model 1 Concert Grand measuring 9'2". It produces an incredible sound, but more importantly looks immaculate. I would be infinitely proud to own one of these and be able to play it. I should probably get to sleep now, it's 3:30AM, but now I feel I should write a post on Beds or something!

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