30 December 2008

New Layout!

Finalmente! New Layout! This is a problem I've had since I started to make websites. I'm interested more in the look of the site than the content; and as soon as I'm comfortable with a layout I see somebody else's and mine becomes inferior, so I have to redo it. But at the moment I am the superior. I love it. It took two hours to make the header alone, and another two hours to configure all the html (yes, I'm slow). I promised myself that I wouldn't show off my board until 2009, but I couldn't help it.
'My Board' is a great big pin board that I created, where I pin up all my inspirations and goals and so far it has been going excellently. I borrowed my brother's SLR (my laptop cam wasn't up for the challenge) and took around 50 pics. And it was really fun messing around with them. My real board looks nothing like that, because it's all mixed up as you can see from the varied pins, but it's exhilarating doing that sort of thing. From when I was 9 up to about 12 I wanted to be a graphic designer. But fashion comes first.
So here is the new year's resolution:
Only make a new layout for the blog twice... maybe three times...
there's not much to be scared of, I'm pretty positive it won't last that long.
Oh so the upsides of this layout are that I can finally have descent-sized pictures and it's just more fun and arty. And the pretty new signature :D

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