26 December 2008

Who Gets The Boot?

This seems like a meaningless topic, but which would you pick? The instant answer is ' The Sergio Rossi Patchwork boots. who would choose wellies over them?' But you'd be wrong. Firstly price: the rainbow stilettos are almost £700 while the Hunters are only £75. Secondly colour: only if you were having an all-black day and then decided you needed a burst of colour (and I mean a burst) would you wear the Sergio Rossi's; but the Special Edition Fortnum & Mason 'eau de nil' wellies would compliment most other colours. Thirdly durability and practicality: Hunters are specifically made to be practical and durable; while the boots are only for shopping.
I hope but now you are starting to see my point. Wellingtons arn't that ugly, and they're from Fortnum & Mason, nice colour, practical. Stiletto Boots are expensive, unpractical, uncomfortable, go with nothing and so are utterly useless.
But they're still nice boots :D


  1. I have much to say about this article, Miss Dann. Firstly, you are entirely correct in notifying the World Wide Web that Stiletto Boots are unpractical and utterly useless. However, I've done a little research of my own, and found a compromise between these two boots.
    TADA! http://www.wellieart.co.uk/prodimages/small__05_07_2008_18_03_Bohemiandancer_Rear_Sml.jpg


    They still have the practicality and stability, with a little feminine touch and some added extra height. Who says fashion can't go Country!

  2. I totally agree with you! I actually love wellingtons, and i've had my eye on some nice hunters for a while now. They go with everything so thats a plus for me, considering i prefer to spend lots of money on clothes and bags, people see them more i think. By the way, i love your blog! Thank you for the nice comment on mine :)xxx


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