17 December 2008

Is it a Clutch? Is it a Purse? Who Cares!

Scanning through one of THE BEST SHOPS IN THE WORLD yesterday, House of Fraser, I passed Mulberry, passed Burberry, and then picked up a purse in DKNY; a black patent zip-around wallet (held up to my hobo-cross-carpet zara coat I reminded myself of the Champs-Élysées) it truly was stunning, and at only £45! I was in shock. But the silly holidays had me skint. And then moving onto D&G I saw another: This time it was an orgasmic burgundy croc-print (held up again, I was in Venice) but it was £119. Don't you think they should just give them out to the needy? Well two was enough, it deserved to have an article. Here are an array of my favourites:

large purses

I picked the Jane Shilton because it looks similar to the D&G one that I saw. Croc print goes with pretty much everything (patterns, block colours...) and it will never go out of style, a great way to update any outfit. The Mimco has a beautiful diagonal stripe, which slims and elongates fingers if you use it as a clutch; I'm not sure about the weird bubble things but it definitely shouts luxe, and has that croc print again! Malhereusement je n'ai pu pas trouver une photo of the DKNY purse [apparently on the Internet only the pink one exists] but you can instantly see why I fell in love with it, just so ... mmmm. If a gold chain sprouted from the miu miu, one can picture Coco sporting it, it could even trump the 2.55! If I had this I would have trouble keeping the buttery leather in my handbag. It is simply superior to any casing.

At this point my migit pink leather purse seemed pathetic, I simply had to get a bigger one. I settled on a very grown up brown leather flap-over with a gazilion credit card pouches and a gold-framed coin purse. It was £20 on the 40% off table, but apparently it was only 20% off, and I was 5p short so the lovely counter guy gave me a student discount. I would've been so bummed if it was a girl. Anyway once again I have failed to find a picture of it, so I've taken one myself; be warned because my laptop's camera isn't exactly a digital SLR. If you want one it's by branded by Golunski at House Of Fraser.

My New Wallet!

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