10 January 2009

At the Ritz

Throughout making this set, it changed themes a number of times; first folk, then jazz, then smart, but I think I finally settled on a 'middle ground' so to speak. The title came from the song 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square', which is so beautiful, it's hard to describe. Anyway these lyrics are 'There were Angles dining at the Ritz', and there is a stunning ring to Ritz; it's... illustrious yet composed. Anyway without further ado:

At the Ritz

There are just a couple of places I want to mention:
  • VisioLuxus - A great photographer, where the image in the bottom right of the picture came from. She takes some stunning photos, with fantastic light. Take a look at the icicles. wow.

  • Norwegian Wood - I found this on a random post at Style Bubble, and simply had to share. Here is what it says their 'Every single item is handmade by me in my studio/apt here in Montreal, using a mix of new and vintage fabrics and trims'. How could anyone not like that? There is an elastic harness which I am now determined to make. Always wanted a harness. They also have a blog, which I put on the list, called Headquarters

Sorry for the long-overdue post. Exams. I've been making this image for days now, and finally got around to posting it. I hope it inspires you

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  1. Oh babe, it's incredibly inspiring. Amazing job.

    Hope the exams are going well!



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