17 January 2009

Things Everyone Needs


Gossard's Satin Bra is now one of my all time favourite bra's. At the moment I only have the pink one, but the white and navy are appealing too. It's also just a very good bra. Nice fit, nice look, nice size, nice price...
2009's indulgence food is French Toast. Its the adults' eggy bread. Plus: it is french, is that a good enough excuse for the calories? I hope so because once you've tried it you just can't go back.
Alex and Chloe's Acrylic Necklace was very high up the birthday list last year. I have the silver mirrored one, with little etched detailing. Although my friend K is still trying to convince me that people at her school can make them in DT, I still think they're worth buying. And Alex and Chloe have loads of other awesome jewels too.
Although Dove Pro Age Body Lotion is meant for geriatrics, it's honestly good. Bare with me: it is made for shriveled up old people, so they make it really moisurous to un-shrivel them, but for young people it is just extra moisturous and so luxurious! For the record, this wasn't a theory that I was out to test, I ran out of normal body lotion one day and was forced to borrow my mum's!
Kent Tail Comb is fantastic for all of us curly-haired folk. It's great for in the bath to comb through with conditioner and get all of those nasty knots out. And it sorts out partings. And it just looks so classy and professional.
I haven't taken of my Fruit of the Loom Man T since I got it from Amazon. And I'm serious. It's rather disgusting. I'm even wearing it now. On lookbook.nu I found this girl from Vienna, and fell in love with her style. This picture convinced me to go FruitoftheLoom-ing. I bought that sweater and then thought I might as well buy the plain top too, after all, it was only £2. And now I can't take it off. I wear it for lounging, for sleeping in, under shirts, the only time it takes a break is at school (stupid v-neck jumpers...). But I majorly recommend buying one, or two, or more. I think I need some more too, maybe the royal blue and the white. yeah. them.
Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious shampoo, conditioner and curling creme have got the better of me. As I mentioned in a previous post I received the creme for Christmas, it was so good that the other products just had to be bought. The downside is that each of them were £16. The upside is that you only need to use a fraction of the amount. However, they do make the most perfect of all ringlets. My little hair secret.

Wow I write a surprisingly large amount - considering how I'm failing English - and how they all seem to just fit together like they belong as a set... These are all things that I have and use unsparingly. I would suggest all of them. Especially the french toast. I want some now. Actually scrap that. Don't try the french toast, you'll get hooked and balloon like I am. But that sweet caramalised sugar is just TDF (to die for). And now I need to sleep, because I have to wake up in 3 hours. I hope the trio of posts today will make up for the lack of posts in the coming days. I apologise in advance. Je suis désolé

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