02 January 2009

A Reason for Sleep

I have been searching for something like this for a while... Dylan's Candy Bar - one of my favourite sweetie retreats - makes cute little shorts! At the moment I have a monochromic-rosy-damask-looking pair of pyjama bottoms. I don't even wear them to bed. Much too comfortable for that. They get worn on when I'm ill, and constantly in the holidays. But these are just adorable. They would not be taken off. I might need two. Maybe they would help me get to sleep, all this herbal crap doesn't work and even Night Nurse won't do the trick, but Candy Shorts might work!

Yeah my sleeping patterns have been rather off: not getting to sleep until 5am every morning, but New Year's Eve I didn't get to sleep until 11am; slept all day yesterday, and last night, and somehow I'm still shattered today (I fell asleep doing my work on the dining table, maybe maths wasn't the right thing to wake me up). But the velvet dress went down well!

I have a NEW new year's resolution: Be who you want to be. More specifically I want to wear more distinctive clothes, obtain laughter lines, go to more galleries and fashion shows, buy a pair of designer heels, and some more roller-blades, spend less time wasting time and finally, get 10 A*s at GCSE.

It's excruciatingly annoying to know that nobody cares. I mean - why would anybody? I know nobody looks at personal diary-esqe blogs that are just like 'today we went to the zoo, and I had an epiphany' because I don't. I would talk more about fashion, but it's very hard to stop talking about yourself and your own problems and get down to business, to be perfectly blunt. Seriously try blogging completely content-related stuff. I failed miserably. As you can see.

Can you tell me what you prefer? Slightly personal posts, or just objective stuff? I think I'm going to make a poll for the sidebar, bare with me.

Sorry for that emotional outburst. I won't do it again. Unless you want me to :P

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  1. Thoses are too cute...

    I adore your blog, and if you don't mind, I'm linking you!
    Happy New Year Babe!



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