16 January 2009

What I'm Loving this Week

I was contemplating giving up with this whole blog thing, because the stuff that I care about (fashion) takes a long time to do. Seriously. It takes hours. I could do like stuff like this, with cute pictures, but it feels like it's not really me. And then I had an epiphany: I can just do stuff like this - it's very quick - and just screw the fashion. There isn't enough time, if I have an urge to again, I will add another blog. But for now, I'm ill, and this is what I'm loving this week:

This ring. I have eternally been looking for a cute vintage ring. This one is slightly out of the price range, but it's nice to blog about. 14k gold with a huge jade stone and circled diamonds. I was hoping more for a rectangular-amethyst-type-thing but this is still breathtaking. Imagine that on your ring finger. Grandma would be pleased.
These feathers. They're so exotic and mouthwatering. They remind me of the parrot in Pirates of the Caribbean, and that lovely lady named 'Sunshine' who braided my hair on the outstretched beach in Antigua when I was 7. Despite their hue, they just seem so naturally beautiful.

This is so cool. A one dollar camera. who would have thought? Well technically it doesn't cost one dollar, as it is made of several and strictly speaking it doesn't function as a camera, but it sure looks like one! Surely the person who makes these could be a millionaire (well he would spend all his money on origami, but still) from this talent. I would give him money to make it look like that.

Layer Cake Shop

The Layer Cake Shop is so cute! they have cupcake decorations, and little crafty things. If I lived in the US, they would have no stock left. It would be so nice just to make pretty cupcakes all day!

Oh yes. More origami. This is such an adorable blog with such a simple concept. I can't believe I haven't thought of it before! Just click the pic and you will understand. I had an idea. It is called 'I hate you more than ....' don't you think it could catch on?

This is Laura Lobdell's Free Bird Collection. 'inspired by a free-spirit who plays with matches, knows Rome and eats candy'. They are all handmade in New York so have that special, personal quality, and come in sterling silver and gold. This macaroni necklace instantly appealed to me. There is also a double macaroni necklace, so I could get one gold matte, and one silver polished! The other items are gorgeous too: keys, match sticks, cigarette butts. And another favourite of mine, the candy bracelet and necklace, made from silver and copper beads, just like the ones I used to get in Paddington station (apart from they were more edible, and slightly less expensive).

I take back what I said earlier. That took a long time to write. Anyway if you need something else to do how about read a book. I suggest The Pact by Jodi Picoult, I had read some of her books a long time ago, and this morning I saw this untouched copy on my shelf. Picoult is an ingenious writer of crime dramas, they're fantastic.

I found out something truly horrible yesterday. I only read for knowledge. Not for pleasure (well I do get pleasure from reading. but that is only from the obtained knowledge). Isn't that sad? But the yearning (<--- word of the day) need for knowledge is just too overpowering, so I am now an even more loserish bookworm-nerd who lies in bed all day reading. all day. reading. and then a little bit of blogging. and more reading.

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