03 January 2009

Things to Do This Month

I was thinking of making this monthly, like 'what do we have to look forward to?'. I know it's a tad late, but better late that never right!

January is going to be good

  • (21th January - 17th May) Hussein Chalayan's Exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Showing his best work since 1994, Chalayan is possibly the most innovative and creative designer of the last decade, just look right. He has encorporated airoplane parts, wood, LED lights, condensed chiffon, even balloons! I'm not planning to miss this one.
  • (17th - 20th January) Milan Mens Fashion Week. Finally the fashion weeks are back, it's hard to blog when there arn't any shows on, even if it is mens! I'm oddly exited about Etro. A friend of mine mensioned how much he liked them a while ago - when I didn't know much about them - but am now transformed. Etro just has a natural, casual and effortless sense, whilst being intricate and stylish. I need to stick them on my board.
  • (9th January - 1st February) 'Corpus Collosum' Exhibition by David Bettie and Karl Burke in London. Here is the low-down on their work, "their lo-fi sculptures and installations are material meditations on the phenomena we take for granted". Can you pronounce w-o-w? Plus, it's a free entry.
  • (18th - 20th January) Project New York. It's a bit far away, but I can admire from over here. The Project is more of a couture denim show, a very classy street style if you wish. I just came across it and it seems like an interesting event hosted by Atrium.

Yep. This will definitely become a monthly issue. I would add more, but not much happens in 30 days. Oh wait, I have one more:

  • (9th January) Core 1 Maths Exam. Joy. What even ARE bonomial expassions? I really should stop bloging and start working... Good Luck to any of you who have exams in the coming weeks, but for now I bid you adieu

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