18 January 2009


For the fashion pack, this is boring. Just close the tab now.

For anybody that is left, I am commencing my dream:
Haven't you always wanted a little jewel-encrusted diary that you can write every meagre detail of your life in? Well so have I, but unfortunately - after numerous searches on Etsy - I have found no such grail. But I have come up with another soon-to-be-neglected idea (just like my pinboard). I have made another blog just for this reason. I want to write about my life as if it were a 1st person novel. And now I can. (If you really care, click here)

So here's the deal. Today I have started one of my all time fantasies, and you should as well. Get a dog or learn how to play the piano, or take up sign language! This is my little revolution. Who follows New Year's resolutions anyway?! So I will continue with this, along with all my other crazy stuff for 2009 (learning to play the piano, guitar, keeping up these blogs, getting straight A*s in GCSE, regularly updating my board, learning how to crochet a bit better, making a dress per holiday, reading all of my books..... the list goes on) and I hope you can be as optimistic as I am!

It wasn't really working out. But don't fret, it is still alive. I decided instead to make it into a novel. Dull Musings - The Love Story. So it is a day-to-day book done in diary format. I love it. I am obcessed. You'd love it, read it!


  1. Hello ,
    I came across you blog very cute by the way.
    Please come and visit mine too!
    Is a fun and creative blog inspired by Portobello Road, London.
    I Hope you enjoy.

  2. You're adorable... it's important to keep those aspirations in sight!



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