07 January 2009

Spring Ad Campaigns

Firstly - Chanel
I'm not sure Heidi was the right choice, she seems very introspective, and her hips are wider than her chest, which is obviously a bad point. Plus I don't like her hair, it isn't Chanel-esq, more motherly than luxe. I will admit that the Resort Collection went well with her. But Coco wouldn't be proud. Aside from that though, I love this pic (the clothes at least...). The bag is adorable, the boots are Ascot-worthy, the morning jacket is chic and the tights are a great step away from the two-tones we saw last season. This shoot was 'shot' by Karl Lagerfield personally in his new home in Vermont. All in all I like the collection, not the ads, but everyone else seems to, so I'm sure they'll make a healthy profit.

Secondly - Miu Miu
Katie Homes has been confirmed as the spokesmodel of the Spring 09 ad campaingn, Following in the footsteps of Vanessa Paradis, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, and Lindsay Lohan (chunky list). Anyway Miu Miu is one of my forever-favourite designers, lets hope she doesn't disappoint. But I would also like to say that Taylor Momsen, the good-girl-gone-bad gossip girl (who is a month younger than me. grr) was also tipped for the position. I'm glad Homes got it!

Thirdly - Gucci
Who doesn't ADORE Gucci? I love these spreads, just so exotic and fresh. It feels like it has really momentum. It's like they're all exuisitely dressed foreigners, that don't understand a word of language. But nobody talks because everyone is stunned by their beauty.

It's about time I get some rest, night night

But first let me inform you of breaking news in the Twilight section - Camilla Belle (Evolet from 10,000BC: amazing movie btw), Brenda Song, Vanessa Ann Hudgens.. they have all been considered for the part of Leah the werewolf in New Moon. I want an audition! And apparently Ms Belle has been intimate with RPattz in the past, it will be interesting to see how that pans out. Oh and Rob has also backed out of 'Parts Per Billion'. Damn. Another missed opportunity to see him with his shirt off...

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